AO "Titran"

196158, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation,
Lensoveta Str., 88, Apt. 34-N
Phones: +7 (812) 364-96-76
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Our company activities?

Rigging, lifting, moving and installation of heavylifts.Такелажные работы

How to install on the foundation a turbine weighting 200 tons, a  generator stator 300 tons weight, if the engine room is provided by crane of 25 tons capacity only? How to install the autoclave weighing 160 tons, if the crane is not exist in the shop at all?

We can offer the work of loading, unloading, installation on the foundation, dismantling, canting of heavy units from 50 to 500 tons and, even more without overhead, mobile or crawler cranes, but by the means of modern, compact  rigging equipment. Among our clients are power plants, petrochemical factories and heavy machinery plant contractors.


международные грузоперевозкиInternational shipping.

The staff of our company consists of qualified professionals who will find for each client an individual approach, help to overcome the language barrier, will professionally issue all shipping documents and organize the timely transport of goods. Our transport managers in the shortest time wisely review and shape the best option for the transport of your goods from virtually anywhere in the world, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the client according to the customs legislation of the countries involved in the international transport of goods.


At the customer’s request, our specialists will be able to find any required equipment including unique machines and presses at the affordable price, will organize the dismantling, transportation and, if necessary, repair, installation and commissioning. Extensive contacts in our country and abroad will always allow us to do it for you.