Transformer rigging

Moving transformers is a rather specific task related to the features of such equipment and its dimensions. In order for the transportation to be successful, it requires the use of special high-class equipment capable of handling such a load. Our company performs transformer rigging, working with various types of power equipment and ensuring their dismantling, preparation for loading, transportation over any distance, as well as unloading and installation at a new location with commissioning. We offer high-quality turnkey service, which will allow you to save money and ensure the safety of equipment during transportation.


Transportation of transformers may be required in various cases. Our company is ready to help and provide its services:

When replacing equipment, when the old model is dismantled, and a newer and improved one is installed in its place, capable of providing accurate voltage level adjustment and high performance.
When buying a new power device due to a change in the load level in the network.
During the repair work, as well as the reconstruction and modernization of the facility.
If necessary, move to another room.

Transformers are considered complex equipment, in addition, they have a high price, so when moving them, it is necessary to fully comply with safety precautions and loading rules to ensure the safety of the transformer. It is also necessary to take into account that the equipment has impressive dimensions, therefore, before loading the transformer, it will need to be disassembled into separate units to facilitate transportation. Our specialists are also engaged in dismantling and are ready to perform all necessary work.

In some cases, movement can occur in complicated conditions if other equipment or a communication network is located next to the equipment. In this situation, it is necessary to carry out work with extreme caution. Unloading transformers also requires careful handling. The availability of modern technology allows you to cope with tasks of any complexity, and at the same time the cost of such services remains optimal. You can specify prices and order transportation by contacting our specialist by phone.