Relocation of production facilities

Most factories are not oriented towards relocation, during the design, productivity is primarily taken into account so that production works as efficiently as possible and is less idle. However, given the growth of cities and the expansion of residential areas, it is no longer uncommon for a factory with its workshops and equipment to be moved outside the city limits. At the same time, it is necessary to dismantle the equipment into separate blocks, take it out of the premises, transport it and install it in a new place. Such work has its own nuances, it is important to properly perform disassembly, transportation and assembly in a new place so as not to damage expensive devices. Our company will carry out the relocation of plants of any type. We have all the necessary equipment for the transportation of production.


Usually, moving production takes several steps. It is necessary to prepare carefully and plan everything so that the move is successful.

The process begins with collecting information about technical conditions and location, details are clarified, and a request is formed for further work. A specialist travels to the site to familiarize himself with the conditions in detail:

The engineering department develops a relocation project and draws up a scheme for carrying out technological work at the facility.
A schedule of movement and time of work is formed based on the wishes of the customer.
A project estimate is drawn up, which is agreed with the client, after which specialists can begin to perform the work.

The relocation of the plant is carried out using modern lifting equipment. To do this, hydraulic systems are used, allowing you to perform the work faster. Specialists are dismantling all the equipment to remove it from the facility and deliver it to a new location.

Relocation of production also includes on-site commissioning. Our staff will make sure that all equipment is installed in the proper premises, as well as put into working order. We perform full connection of process lines and other systems used.

Our company will help to organize the relocation of production to a new location. We do the work on a turnkey basis, so you will only have to accept a fully ready-to-work production. Our specialists have extensive experience in performing such tasks and are able to find the optimal solution for each case.

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