Where we deliver cargoes to

Cargo delivery is possible in the following directions:

  • General cargo from anywhere in Russia by rail or by road to the port of St. Petersburg and further on regular lines to most major ports of the world, with transshipment in ports of Northern Europe;
  • Delivery of RO/RO cargo to the ports of Germany or, via Finland, to the Ports of Amsterdam, Bilbao;
  • General and RO/RO cargo to North America, Port of Baltimore;
  • Ship shipments or part of a ship's shipment to any port in the world on tramp ships;
  • Heavy and oversized cargo up to 700 tons/place – depending on the type of cargo and the port of destination;
  • Containerized cargo to most ports of the world;
  • Delivery of imported goods in most of the return directions to any city in Russia and other CIS countries;