Moving and installing production lines

The assembly of equipment at the facility requires an integrated approach, which consists in performing a range of different works necessary to ensure the correct and uninterrupted operation of the system. It is also necessary to ensure that the movement of the production line is carried out in accordance with all safety requirements, and to carry out on-site installation with commissioning. Such activities require certain experience and skills, so you can contact our company for help. We employ qualified professionals who will be able to solve even a non-standard task and choose the best way to perform all operations.


Installation of production lines is a step—by-step work that begins with conducting geodetic surveys, marking the foundation and continues until the start-up and debugging, until the equipment is fully ready. The installation process may be complicated by the characteristics of the room, for example, the presence of low ceilings and insufficiently wide aisles. Also, the work requires a particularly careful approach if the installation of industrial lines is carried out in an existing production environment:

Our specialists will carry out all necessary design work, including planning and marking the foundation for the placement of equipment, and perform geodetic surveys.
We are preparing for installation — the installation of embedded products necessary for the safe execution of the operation.
After that, the equipment will be delivered to the installation site and placed in the production room as necessary.
Specialists will carry out all the stages of assembly and configuration in order to fully prepare the system for use and further operation.

Also, when moving to another facility, preliminary dismantling of production lines may be required. This operation consists in the fact that the machines and devices are carefully disassembled into nodes and transported to the right place where the re-installation takes place. We carry out the dismantling of industrial lines using modern and high-quality equipment, so you can use this service. Our company guarantees a professional approach to performing any operations for moving production facilities.

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