Tipping of goods

During the transportation of goods, various rigging works are carried out, including tipping. This is an operation that consists in turning or flipping an object if for some reason it is necessary to change its position. For example, during loading, large-sized machines and equipment are placed in a certain position that is most suitable for transportation. After delivery, the equipment is returned to its working position, installing it in a new place. Taking into account the dimensions and dimensions of the workshop equipment, the tilting of goods is carried out using special machines that help to carry out such an operation. If you need to transport industrial equipment, you can contact our company, and we will arrange the transfer according to all the rules.


The cargo tipping operation should be carried out by experienced specialists in order to ensure maximum safety and security of the objects being moved. Slinging work becomes especially important, on which the success of the operation depends. There are several types of edging:

With a punch.

The choice of the method of carrying out the operation depends on the characteristics of the cargo, the tipping of metal structures has its own specifics, and the tipping of sections of the vessel will be carried out differently. That is why it is necessary to contact specialists who know exactly how to properly tilt certain loads so that they take the right position and are not damaged in the process.

By contacting us, you will receive a comprehensive approach to the work. Our staff will carry out all the necessary operations, starting from drawing up a general plan and ending with its implementation in practice. In addition, we handle the loading and unloading of any bulky cargo, so you can always use our help.

We employ experienced specialists who are familiar with all the subtleties of turning bulky goods. They will choose the optimal solution, depending on the situation and the characteristics of the cargo, we guarantee an individual approach that allows you to perform the operation taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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