Loading and unloading of industrial equipment

Moving large-sized equipment requires the use of special equipment, which will be required for dismantling, transportation and installation in a new location. Industrial machines and other devices used in factories require careful handling, since expensive devices can fail if they are transported or disassembled incorrectly. As a rule, moving equipment is required during the relocation of production to a new location due to expansion or other reasons. In such a situation, you can use the services of our company.

Loading and unloading of equipment is carried out with the help of modern technology, so you don't have to worry about the safety of equipment. Also, after unloading the equipment, our specialists will be able to install and configure it in a new location.


The movement of technological equipment takes place in several stages. It is necessary to prepare and plan the work so that it can be completed successfully:

First, the client provides a task, details are discussed, if necessary, a specialist goes to the site to clarify various issues.
After that, the project necessary for the work is developed, approved and agreed upon.
When everything is ready, specialists go to the facility, dismantling and loading of equipment is carried out.

The movement of industrial equipment is carried out using modern hydraulic systems that allow you to perform work even in cramped conditions, unloading the necessary equipment for its further transportation to another facility. Also, the use of modern systems allows you to significantly speed up the work, and if the equipment downtime is unacceptable for the customer, we will complete the task as soon as possible.

Unloading of equipment is carried out not only when moving from one facility to another, but also when receiving cargo at the port or by rail. If new machines have been delivered to you, but they need to be accepted and transported to the factory, then we are ready to do this.

Fast unloading of industrial equipment will help to avoid downtime, in addition, our specialists are ready not only to deliver everything necessary to the destination, but also to carry out installation, as well as commissioning. We will provide you with a fully ready-to-use system.

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