Transportation of machines

During the relocation of factories, it becomes necessary to transport equipment. This is quite a difficult task, since it will be necessary to dismantle all the units, carefully take them out, load them, deliver them to the place and install them there. With the wrong approach, there is a risk of damage and other problems, so it is better to entrust such work to professionals with extensive experience in performing such tasks. Our company will carry out the movement of machines of any type, using modern tools for this purpose, allowing you to work even in cramped conditions and quickly carry out loading.


Transportation of machines and equipment is carried out in several stages, the workflow is carefully planned and coordinated to avoid various overlaps. For moving, we use hydraulic systems that allow installation to be carried out quickly and with high accuracy. A team of specialists, which includes engineers, logisticians and installers, is working on the projects, so the loading of machines takes place on time and without complications. We carry out all types of work related to the movement of factory equipment:

Preliminary inspection of devices and removal of indicators, preparation for transportation — draining of working fluids, disconnection from all communications.
Dismantling, disassembly into components for further transportation.
Manufacturing of packaging and packaging of equipment for shipment to the destination.
Moving to the place of loading, installation and fixation on cargo transport.
Registration of documents required for this type of transportation.
Delivery to the destination, unloading of machines, installation and subsequent commissioning with preparation for launch.

The transportation of machines performed includes all types of work necessary to fully implement the process of moving equipment. Specialists use only high-quality rigging and mounting equipment, which allows them to cope with even the most difficult tasks and find optimal solutions in any situation.

If you need to transport large-sized units, you can contact our company for help. We provide a wide range of services, we have extensive experience in successfully completing such orders, so you can entrust us with any equipment. The transportation will be carried out efficiently and on time.

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