Transportation of project, heavy weight and oversized cargoes

This type of cargo requires special attention.
When planning such transportation, all cargo parameters should be taken into account: an extra centimeter or a hundred kilograms can force you to change the route or the layout of cargo placement and fastening.

Our company has been specializing in the transportation of such goods since 1994.
So in November 1994, we organized the shipment and transportation of a transformer weighing 170 tons from the port of St. Petersburg to the port of Calcutta, India for the Bhakra hydroelectric power plant at the Kandalaksha t/h.
During 1995-1999, thousands of tons of equipment and metal structures were transported to Morocco, for the Al-Wahda hydroelectric power plant under construction and to Syria, for the Tishrin hydro complex.

In most cases, we charter passing vessels to reduce freight and optimize the route. For example, cargo in Morocco was shipped, among other things, to the scientific research vessel Akademik Fedorov (photo), en route to Antarctica.

In 2000, we organized the transportation of a stator weighing 370 tons and a rotor of 90 tons from the Electrosila plant, through the port of St. Petersburg to the port of Ilyichevsk. For this purpose, a unique 400-ton railway transporter and a specialized vessel "Svenja" were used.Transshipment at the port was carried out by the Demag floating crane, actually at its maximum load capacity. In the port of Ilyichevsk, the stator and rotor were overloaded on the Trina t/x, which delivered them, along with other equipment to the PRC for the Suizhong hydroelectric power plant. At the same time, our Client saved about 160,000 dollars on transportation, compared with the cost of transportation from St. Petersburg to Ilyichevsk on a railway conveyor.

In 2004, we completed a full range of work on dismantling, shipping, rail transportation, accumulation and transshipment of a unique Press (with a nominal force of 10,000 tons) in the port of St. Petersburg. The total weight of the transported cargo was 1,750 tons, including 12 heavyweights from 60 to 150 tons. We used 13 special transporters, including three 200-ton 16-axle transporters and eight 120-ton 8-axle transporters. We managed to load and loosen the main oversized seats by moving them to an upright position.

At the same time, having spent certain funds on securing the cargo (1.5-2.5 tons of steel were used for each conveyor), we avoided lateral oversize and the cost of the railway freight tariff decreased by 3 times.
Unloading from conveyors and loading onto the ship "Valentin Pikul" was carried out by the Bogatyr Floating crane g/n 300 tons (CJSC First Stevedoring Company).