December 2023

In December 2023, for the first time in 300 years, the building of the former imperial educational home, the house on the embankment, was moved in St. Petersburg. Black River No. 1. The house is an architectural monument, so its demolition is impossible.

Our company, JSC "Titran" participated in the project, performing work on the horizontal movement of the house.

The house with a plan size of 26.3 x 17.03 m, a ridge height of 15.8 m and a weight of 3.5 thousand tons was moved by us 6 m towards the Black River and then 41 m towards Bolshaya Nevka. Moving works. They were completed in two days (excluding preparatory work). When moving towards Bolshaya Nevka, the first half of the way the house was moved "uphill" - the height difference was 240 mm. At the same time, the facade of the house was leveled – the corner of the end from the embankment. The Black River turned 30 cm to get to the new red line. The house is installed on a new foundation – a stylobate slab of an underground parking lot. The positioning error of the house was +/-30 mm.

Modern spinning jacks with a lifting capacity of 200 tons each were used as the driving force.

The relocation of the building made it possible to preserve the architectural monument and made room for further development of the residential complex.

Having a unique experience in moving a historic building in the center of St. Petersburg over unstable soils, we offer to carry out works on moving buildings in Russia and the near abroad, using the experience of the pioneer of this industry E.M. Handel and the most modern rigging equipment and technologies.