Since 1994, our company is engaged in transportation of special equipment of various kinds. Since 1999, we also help our clients buy the required equipment or realize if it not used. We can arrange dismantling, transportation, installation and commissioning of all, including the unique equipment. In 2004-2005 we exported a press force of 10 000 tonnes, organized its dismantling and transportation from Chelyabinsk to Western Europe. Our specialists took part in installation of this giant.

In different countries of Europe, America and Asia, we have established long-term partnerships with contractors that can help to find almost any required metalworking, woodworking, power equipment, the whole production line. The cost of this equipment in 2-3 times, and sometimes is much lower than the analogous new equipment.

It is also possible to make major repairs and modernization of machines in accordance to your needs.

Also in our country, a huge park of machines is not used or little used. From our agents we have information about thousands of machines for sale. Perhaps these are the machines that you are looking for? Make a request for any equipment that you need, and we can make you a competitive offer!

If your company has machines that don’t participate in the production, we will help you to sell them. Why pay extra taxes and encumber the shop? Get extra funds for the development of your manufacture or to solve the current problems! Send us information about your equipment and we will help you to find a buyer.