Rigging of machines and equipment

Enterprises operating in various industries are periodically faced with the need to relocate, expand or transfer part of production in the process of reformation or reconstruction. All this also requires moving equipment, which requires rigging machines. Such units used in industry usually have a considerable price and require proper handling, due to illiterate transportation, the device may fail. You can order rigging of machine tools and industrial equipment from us, which will be performed by qualified specialists using modern technology.


Rigging of industrial equipment may be required in various situations. We have provided these options and offer you high-quality services:

Dismantling and loading. The components of the equipment are carefully disassembled and removed by employees, as well as marked for safe transportation. High-class equipment allows you to quickly carry out all the necessary operations.
Transportation. It is carried out with the help of a special transport capable of transporting bulky goods. To ensure safe delivery, all equipment is securely secured, this eliminates accidental falls and other possible risks during transportation.
Unloading and installation. When the machines are delivered to their destination, it is necessary to unload them and install them correctly. Our specialists will take care of this.

We carry out a full range of work, including preparation for dismantling and disassembly of the main components, rigging of equipment, as well as unloading and installation after transportation of machines, including commissioning. The movement can be carried out both over long distances and within the same building, for example, if necessary, repairs or rebuilding of the workshop. You can order professional turnkey services to save time and money on carrying out all necessary work. The use of modern equipment allows you to move in any conditions, even in a confined space, lifting loads of various weights.

You can specify the cost and order industrial rigging by contacting our specialist by phone. We work under a contract, taking responsibility for the work performed and the safety of the cargo, therefore we guarantee high-quality work on time.