Hydraulic lifting system 44A

It is designed for crane-free rigging, dismantling, loading, unloading, and moving heavyweights weighing from 20 to 200 tons, with a maximum load beam height of 8300 mm.

Hydraulic lifting system 44A is a rigging portal manufactured by Lift Systems (USA) consists of two pairs of hydraulic telescopic lifts 22A (one pair is possible). The maximum load capacity is 364 tons (at the 1st stage). The maximum lifting capacity of each lift is 91 tons.
It is equipped with rolling tracks with a total length of 24 m (on each side) and cargo beams with a length of 6300 and 9000 mm. It is possible to complete the tracks and beams, as well as a lateral shift system (for a fee).

Rental rate per shift, excluding VAT (thousand rubles): 100.

Minimum rental period from: 5 shifts.